Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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quick video post

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Well I am finally in the new house and settled in but at the moment I am too tired and aching to right a proper post, so I'm curled up with a hot chocolate the soaps on and of course the two pooches. So I thought that I would share these two videos of magic with you. Enjoy the videos and i'll be back to regularly blogging recently! Even enjoy Magic's naughtiness it's safe to say that while it was fun to see him having some character he was a complete pain in the ass!

Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic

A quick update!

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Well I'd like to start off by saying sorry for the lack in posting recently. A combination of being super busy, as well as run down, tired and ill. Has meant that there hasn't been much time for anything else. This week is going to be super busy but will hopefully be the end of our super busy week. On Friday we move in to our new home. I know that I wasn't originally to in to this house but as time has gone on I have got more and more excited about this house and moving. Plus I'm hoping that it will be the end of moving for a while!

Magic is doing really well, he had a week off last week because I was just drained. Moving always takes it out of me and leaves me feeling exhausted but the stress coming up to this move has really taken it's toll on me. But on sunday we got back to work and got on with doing some lunging. He was SOOOO good, we managed walk, trot and canter in both directions. He still tried to push his luck a bit on both reins to stop working but being firm with him kept him moving and we made sure to end on a good note. The video can be seen below.

Tomorrow Magic will get lunged again, and we will probably work on trying to extend the time that magic maintains the canter, as this really is something that we haven't worked on before. The dogs are doing great and are getting plenty of walks, they're enjoying lots of time being out and about and jack has even joined us on a few walks too which has been nice. We've got lots of new bits for the house that I've probably realistically needed since I had my first flat but I wasn't interested in where as now I want to make things more homely and cosy, plus I plan on sticking around here for a while so I think it's about time to put my own mark on the place when we move!

I'm going to try and post more often again like I had been as I had really enjoyed posting, also I love sharing magic's journey with you guys. I might struggle a bit when we first move on as we are changing internet provider to sky and also getting sky tv. Well I am now on the last episode of Netflix that is available series 11 episode 14, it's taken me a while to get here but I have really enjoyed it and will be sad when it is over!

That's all for now folks!
Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic

hopefully this one will be the one.

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Today has been another long day but it has also been a good day! This morning we had to get up early to go walk Charlie for Daryl, he had a house inspection, so we were helping him out. Then we went over to my mums to fill in an application form for a house that we had seen yesterday, that I had really liked.

At lunch time Jack had a doctors appointment for a lump that he is found in his mouth. With his anxiety these things tend to send him through the roof so after being there for a week he needed to be seen by the doctors. They said that they think it is just a cyst, but that he needs to be seen by the dentist. While he was waiting at the doctors I headed home to let the dogs out and then walked back down to the doctors. I've been really trying for the past three days to get my health kick back in to action, so it was good to know that I had done so much so early on.

It was then a mad rush to get to the next house viewing, originally I was set on moving to the house we viewed yesterday but after listening to other peoples views we decided to put an application in for this house. The garden was big and secure, a million times better for the dogs. The kitchen was neat and tidy obviously well looked after. There is a socket for the hub to be plugged in to upstairs for jacks gaming. It has one of the fancy nice shaped baths that I really like and a heated towel rack. The front room is a nice size with patio doors to over look the garden so I can see what the dogs are doing outside. It has a drive so no more on street parking, and it also has hive, the way to heat your house by using your phone so you can turn the heating on and off from your mobile phone. The house will be having new carpets fitted and a new window panel. It's also in a quieter location with plenty of walks around and also a newer built house.

We then popped to see my sister and went to see a friend whos having a tough time this evening. Tomorrow I plan to lunge magic and do some more work with him, it's safe to say we did not have a good session yesterday so I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. But here is a video of our lunging and free schooling session from yesterday.

I also need to make sure that I walk the dogs tomorrow too, I am aching like hell and it's safe to say that the soft tissue damage that I am suffering from falling down the stairs is really kicking my butt. But I will be just carrying on like normal tomorrow, while it's going to hurt and it's going to ache, you know how the saying goes, no pain, no gain. 

Until Next Time
Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic.

house hunting and keeping myself up the arse!

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Hi everyone,

Okay so I skipped out on posting yesterday and was going to skip out on it again today but I decided not to! I gave myself a kick up the arse and decided to just get on with it things aren't great now but they are what they are and that is life.

Today started off badly then got worse and has ended okay. I woke up this morning and was exhausted. I've been having problems sleeping for a while, due to the stress of my housing situation then last night I really didn't sleep well. Then when I woke up this morning I managed to fall down the stairs, my head went black and everything went cloudy and then I fell and slid half way down the stairs. I have no idea what caused it, I've put it down to stress but I really do not know.

Then we went over to my mums and I had a better look at what houses were up for rent, nothing jumped out to me as anything that we hadn't already looked at. I made Jack and myself lunch and after waiting for what felt like an eternity the council finally rang. I thought I was going to get some good news but they basically told me that I had to bid on the council houses and I would get one eventually and to keep looking at private rented houses. They then said that if nothing had come up before the 27th March legally I was allowed to stay in the house until the landlord got a warrant from the court. Like that is even a good idea?!? I think not!!!

This afternoon mum and jack and I went to look at some houses, we stopped at another local council but basically got the same answer. I then decided to look at some houses in the area I am currently living, while I do not really want to live there I think that it will do until we are in a better situation where we can be picky. So tomorrow we are viewing two houses and have at least one more to ring up about.

When we got in I was just moping around watching t.v. I had no intentions of going anywhere but it turns out two little monsters had other ideas. The dogs got silly playing down stairs eventually I figured out that they wanted to go for a walk, so I dragged my ass back out of bed got ready and took them for a walk. We walked 1.6 miles which is no where near the two and a half miles that we used to walk but it's a start. Now that Diesels paw is feeling better and now I'm not ill it's time to get back in to the gym and walking the dogs. After all the only one who I haven't slacked on has been Magic.

Speaking of Magic he is doing great above you can check out his lunging routine that we have been getting into. He did 5 and a half minutes each way, at the end you can see a bit of jumping that we did. There is no point making everything all serious we have to have some fun too! Below you can see a short clip of magic hopping over a jump on the lunge line, this isn't his strongest direction but I think that he is doing really well. Don't worry this is not something that we will be doing often but at the same time it was fun to do! I can't wait to try out free jumping him one day too!

Tomorrow is Magic's exercise day and also the day to go to the gym. This year IS going to be better and I am going to continue to lose weight and that is all that really matters!

Until Tomorrow
Amber, The tired pooches, and Magic :)

head space was needed.

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okay so I've had a few days off posting, not because I don't enjoy posting but because I needed to get my head straight on the whole housing situation, which still isn't great.

On Friday we viewed two more houses one which could have been great and one which was a just no straight away. While there was hope neither worked out as the only one we were interest came back as a no the land lord would not accept our situation. Saturday and sunday I looked for houses but came up with nothing! I knew there wasn't much chance that things would be uploaded over the weekend though. Today we went to view the PERFECT house, nicely decorated, location, size, it was the 'one' if there was ever one that could be the one. The lady showing us around seemed really positive about our situation however a couple of hours later we got a phone call that said NO, it was another door slammed shut and just wasn't something the landlord would be happy to do. This has left me in a bit of a situation where I really just don't know what to do. I keep trying to stay positive and trying to think that something will come up but right now that just isn't happening, so I've decided my only option is to wait until Thursday when futures (Council housing) is due to ring me back, and hope that they can help me in someway.

Magic has been really good over the weekend, he should have worked on Saturday but he got the day off because the school was in use. Then yesterday he should have worked but it was snowing and I was too cold to stand and lunge him. I originally planned to leave him in the school then lynn suggested that we should try the horse walker. Well to start with there was NO way that magic was going on it, I tried, Lynn tried and Jay tried, so in the end we decided that we should put him back in the school. I mucked out his stable put his nets up and remembered that I had got some hay nets. I wasn't going to let Magic win, this is something that I am strong about and just won't do. So I grabbed Magic's apples and Magic and I headed over to the school and instead of having a game of tug and war, we played the patient waiting game and eventually magic came on. Then we got it moving and he was a little bit confused about was going on but he accepted it and got on with it so this makes me super proud of the little man. This is obviously something that we need to work on more often but it takes time and time is exactly what we have got. Tomorrow I will go up and muck magic out and then lunge him after my dads birthday meal.

The dogs are good, Diesel's paw is healing well but he has had a complete weak off to have his pain killers and antibiotics and not be walked. The weather has been awful either really cold, raining or snowing, so this is the reason why I decided that the dogs wouldn't be walked as I won't walk one and not the other. Now Diesel has stopped the antibiotics and pain killers the dogs will get back to their normal feeding and walking routine.

Now one last note from me for those of you that read this blog and are on facebook could you all do me a massive favour and head over to this page https://www.facebook.com/Magic-With-Love-Boutique-408558489579827/ and give it a like for me! I'm just starting my own business called Magic with Love boutique which is focusing on making home made cosmetics (eventually), bath and candle products. It would be so helpfully if you could drop me a like.

Until Next Time
Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic

a mind rambling post.

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Well I thought that I had wrote a blog post yesterday but it turned out I missed it! But that's okay I'll share this video of attempting to lunge magic over poles.

Well today has been an okay day we have managed to get three viewings booked in two for tomorrow, and one for Monday (at the house that we really want). But only time will tell what is meant to be and that's okay, it's a slow process but we will get there in the end. As everyone likes to keep reminding me we have two months to find somewhere yet. We went to view another house today and it's safe to say it was HORRIBLE, there was one room I liked and the photo's looked NOTHING like what the house actually looked like. The garden was a health and safety hazard to say the least and it was absolutely awful! So that meant that we hadn't resolved any issues and also meant that there was more questions that needed to be answered.

After this we went to see Magic, I mucked out his stable and was originally just going to leave it at that, however he was being such a good pony that I decided that I would lunge him again today, I decided to make things more simple so we stuck to walk and trot walk today, sonny was in the school and it's safe to say that this doesn't phase Magic one bit at all. I can't wait to be able to write about our rides, and hacking out, and all the other things that we are going to do. He is coming on so well, he's not losing weight, he's developing muscles and he is looking great. His only small issue at the moment? Which to be honest isn't really an issue, is that he is got a very mild small amount of rain scold from being out in the field, even though he has a rug on, it's about a 8 inch patch on his neck, but it's okay it's nothing major and compared to last year I'll take a bit of rain scold.

This evening while watching t.v. I have finally got around to doing something about my debts, I've put a plan in place and am going to get on with getting my credit score sorted. I've also taken time to think about my finances more and what needs paying vs what people want! So while today hasn't been productive in the way I would have liked it to be it has been productive in other ways and that's what counts. Now just to wait for the post to come and the last few bits that I need towards sorting out my finances.

Until Next Time
Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic

These things are sent to try us

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I really feel like I am about to go mad! This year is not getting off to a great start and that is driving me mad, I blame jack for breaking a mirror on the second day of this year! only joking! Well I told you all about my issues with my house over the weekend, I emailed and said that these things needed to be resolved or environmental health would be getting involved, well yesterday morning I woke up to a email saying I was going to be handed my notice and would have to find somewhere else to live. This sent my head in to a bit of a whirl wind as I've been looking for months for somewhere else to live and nothing has come up. Then we found a lovely house that was literally round the corner from where we used to live in oakwood, it was clean tidy and soooo nice! I rang up this morning and applied for the house to get a phone call back this afternoon to tell me that the house had already been let to someone else. To say that I was gutted is an understatement!

I've then spent some time looking on the internet and come up with 4 possibilities in a similar area, these are again newer houses that I'm going to be ringing up about tomorrow. So I don't want to put to much here because I don't want to jinx it.

Anyway on to Magic, mum and dad did his stable for me today as I hadn't slept a lot last night and was feeling really poorly. I then went over to my mums to meet her and she took jack and I up to Magic, mum is my official timer and recorder for when I am working with Magic. I was lucky because Magic was already in so I gave him a fuss and a stroke before getting him ready to be lunged. I wanted to introduce something new so today I decided to place four poles on the circle that we would be lunging on. We lunged both ways and he did kind of get the idea but magic being magic he got over excited and strong. We did lunge in both directions over the poles however when I thought that magic was getting to silly I took him away from the poles and just got him to lunge nicely on a circle without the poles. I then did this until he had calmed down and then gave him a rub on his favourite spot. I then popped him back in to his stable and put his nice warm rub back on. He is being so good recently and he seems to enjoy having something to do. He still only works every other day and at the moment he lunges for roughly 5 minutes each way. Next Monday this will change and he will go up to lunging 6 minutes each way.

Then we popped over to seeing my sister for a little bit and trying to help to set up Brody's kinnect for him but we weren't able to do that. Jack had a few issues with his family but I've learnt to just leave them all to it and let them battle it out between themselves. I'm now curled up in bed with the pooches. After Diesel had his Nail removed he's been really clingy, so it's safe to say that he doesn't leave my side very often. He's currently curled up on my feet with his blanket and it's safe to say he is very happy, he's feeling better but he's still clingy. He's got three more days of tablets and then it should be back to normal for the pooches so that they can start walking again.

Anyway I am off to watch Big Brother now, nothing like a little bit of mindless t.v. before heading off to sleep.

Until Next Time
Amber, Casper, Diesel and Magic