Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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58. two days in a row :)

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Well this is the second day in a row that I have got to write on my blog, they say if you do something 30 times in a row it becomes a habit, so maybe if I write on here 30 days in a row then it will become a habit to. 

So what have I done today? The main answer to that is not a lot, I didn't get a good nights sleep so was absolutely shattered when I woke up. We chilled out and watched T.V. for a while this morning then my mum came over and helped me to fix one set of my draws. I also finished doing the drying, packed up the rest of the extra clothes that I am not wearing at the moment. 

We then went to see Magic and gave him his food and some fuss, he'd had a Duvet day because the weather was that horrible. So he had a nice big haynet and his tea. I then popped in to see my mum and dad for a little bit before coming home. Where I have since chilled out, watched T.V. and cooked tea for my partner and me. 

I haven't got a lot to say today, I'm tired and had enough of listening to my boyfriends stupid party on the playstation. 

Until Next Time 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel. 

57. Not such a big gap this time

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Well it has only been two days since I last posted, I'm definitely making more of an effort and even though it's nearly 11pm and I should probably be curled up in bed so that I actually get an earlier than normal night. Today's been a hectic day, it was supposed to be a quiet, but that didn't quiet work out. My mum did Magic this morning, like she does every morning, and he was very good for her. Then I woke up at around lunch time, after another night where I didn't go to sleep until about 3 or maybe even 4am. 

When I woke up I chilled out on the playstation for a little bit, playing new games on the new tv, it's HUGE. After Jack and I had properly woken up we took the dogs for a walk, they were so funny to watch. Diesel loves to play with sticks and Casper loves to play with balls. So we took a foot ball and an old bat and the dogs played with that, it was hilarious watching them both on an end of the bat watching them both run together. We then bought them back to the flat, sticking of wet dog, soaking wet and muddy to hell. 

We then went to B&M to get the dogs some dog food and some bits for the new flat. I got a 'Memories' photo frame, I love it, Jack's not a fan of photographs so he's not really bothered by it. I got a key holder in the shape of a key, I think it looks quite cool to be fair, it'll go in the kitchen and might be the final answer to me not losing my keys! 

After this we went to see Magic, he's such a good boy, and his knee has gone down loads. It's still a little bit swollen but after a day out and about, moving around the swelling appears to have gone down loads. I'll keep an eye on it though. I gave him his food, gave him a fuss and then went to see my mum and uncle at my mums house for a little bit. 

When we got him I decided it was time to get my butt in to gear. It's a week and two days until we move and intend to have everything organised and ready for the night before so that the day that we move we can go and get the keys, go get connor, then get everything packed up, and get everything moved in to the new flat. So today I mega cleaned the bathroom, so that I won't have to do it again. I sorted out the final bits that I can pack (things that were on top of cupboards) and then cleaned down the kitchen. So the only things that I really have left to do is sort out the cupboards that have got food in, sort out the fridge, move everything out of the flat and then hoover the floor. That sounds so simple when I write it like that but we all know that things never really go to plan! 

I'm not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, probably sort Magic, walk the dogs and then chill out, but who knows what the day will bring. 

On that note I'm off to let the dogs out, and watch Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. 

Until Next Time 
Amber And Magic, Casper And Diesel. 

55. why does life always get in the way

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I really want to keep writing my blog, I've had this blog for a long time and it's been a great outlet for how I'm feeling, for growing as a person, and for developing my knowledge as a horse owner/rider. But sometimes life just gets in the way! I want to blog, I want to sit down in an evening and chill out and write things on here but half the time by the time that I have done the jobs that I need to do and get on my laptop I feel exhausted, then the next day comes and the same thing happens. So while my blogging may not be consistent I do feel like I want to keep blogging and will keep taking every spare opportunity that i get to blog. 

So life is good here, magic is great. He's had a bump to his knee, so his knee is quite swollen at the minute but we think we realised where all these bumps are coming from. For whatever reason Magic stumbles when he gets up, and finds it hard to get up some times, so then he knocks himself on walls, or doors or anything that is really in his way. So on Tuesday or it might have been wednesday we made Magic the bed of all beds, it is MASSIVE. My yard owner suggested putting a deep litter bed in for him, now you all know that I am not a fan of deep beds, I like nice, pretty, fluffy shavings beds. But she said I could have a big round bale of straw for £20. She said i probably wouldn't get it all in but I could put the extra in bags. Well Jack, being Jack, decided that he could put the WHOLE bale in and to be fair it did go in. So he's now got a very big, very nice comfy bed. Honestly I would happily sleep in it. 

What else is new with me, i'm going to be moving flats on the 8th of March. Instead of being in a 1 room bed sit flat I'm going to be in a 2 bed room flat and I can not wait. I'm looking forward to having lots more room. I'm looking forward to decorating and getting a new flat, making it ours, making it not just a flat but an actual home, with all the mad little decoration things in it. I've got colour schemes for all the rooms all though I'm not sure what I think about the bathroom at the moment. I won't spoil the surprise but all I will say is that it's Jack's choice of colours. 

On the note I'm now off to curl up in bed with my puppies, the perfect end to a good day is curling up with diesel and casper. 

Until Next Time 
Amber Rose  

41. kicking my arse in to gear.

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Hi Everyone, 

Well it's been a while since I wrote on here, I keep meaning to get back in to blogging but it just doesn't happen, the most annoying part is that everyday I think about blogging, and that I need to write something and then something comes along. So what's been going on? Well, life has been quite hectic at the moment, things haven't been the best the past couple of weeks, but they are starting to kind of look up. 

So I'll start with Magic, Magic is doing great! He's finally back out with the herd and he is loving every single moment of it. He goes out first thing in the morning and then some days I will bring him in early at anywhere between 1 and 2 and then other days he will stay out with the rest until between 3 and 4. I feel that he still needs to come in early so that he realises that he can come in on his own and that it's nothing to be stressed or worried about. He still gets walked in hand by my mum when she does him in the morning and by me when I do him in the evening. He loves being fussed and groomed and is back to being really good while he is eating again. He's showing constant signs of improvement and no signs of being in pain or discomfort anymore, he's much less arched over his back and standing much more square. He's growing in to a very polite, loving and gentle horse with a very soft eye. 

What's next? I can't remember whether I told you guys about Arthur and Bella that I am looking after, I think that I did, but I am not 100% sure about this. Well after having nothing but problems with the horrible people that Nicki was renting the field from, tomorrow they will move to new grazing, where I am hoping that they will be much happier and enjoy it much more. While this week has been full of drama trying to deal with the people, I will be so glad once the ponies are moved and I know that they are safe and happier. 

Casper and Diesel are doing great, they are also very loving and caring. While Diesel is more interested in spending the majority of his time either by my feet or just cm's apart from where I am. Casper is much more independent out of the two of them but he still enjoys coming for cuddles. Diesel can finally be walked without a lead on, as long as you have something to catch his attention with, the majority of the time a ball that he can play with. He's also finally learnt to 'wait' and to drop the ball until another ball is thrown for him. 

I can't think of anything new and exciting to tell you guys, so on that note I'm going to head off and carry on watching the soaps. I'm also going to hope for no more snow! 

Until Next Time, 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel. 

23. Dad's Birthday and Horse Antics

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So today was my dad's birthday so I had to wake jack up early, well early for him but late for most other people, before we went to meet my mum, dad and robert at the Bridge Inn, my favourite pub for food in the world! It is AMAZING! I had the smothered chicken in BBQ sauce with chips, it's chicken, bacon, and melted cheese, with BBQ sauce over the top of it and Jack had BBQ ribs and chicken with chips, (my) onion rings and corn on the cob, and as normally we split it in half and had half of each others. 

After this I went to do some jobs for Nicki (my new boss and friend) I went to get the wormers for Arthur and Bella, as well as a bag of ready mash for them. Then went to see Magic, who is doing great. Today was his first day in as they all stayed in, tomorrow he will go out on his own and then Wednesday he'll start off out on his own and then I'll move him over to the other field later in the day. I gave him a quick brush, picked all four feet up (he's getting really good at this), walked him then popped him back in his stable with two full haynets and his tea. After this I popped down to sort out Bella and Arthur and give them their feed with the wormers in, as well as a quick fuss and hello. 

We then popped to try and get me some new flat shoes but unfortunately there was none that I liked yet, so left that and came home to curl up with the puppies. Now I'm chilling out watching random programmes on T.V. 

I'm now off to read a book. 

Until Tomorrow 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel :) 


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Sorry for the lack of posting over the past few days, things have been pretty boring and I have had nothing spectacular to write about, so I have chose not to right about anything. So what's new here, the first thing that is new is......


I sent off my work in between Christmas day and New Years Day, I got an email on the 10th saying that they were part way through checking my work and that it should be completed soon then on the 14th I got an email to say that I had passed my level one and could start my level 2! I got my scores back and there was 56 questions and I only got 6 questions wrong, I was so excited about this and I proved to myself that I know more about horse care than I actually thought that I did, now all that I need to do is pass my Level 2! I proved to myself that all I really need to do is believe in myself. 

Magic is doing really really well, I now have a Magi-cam so i can keep my eye on Magic when i am not there! As you will see there are a couple of videos in this post, this is the work that I am doing with Magic along with my mum as part of magic's rehabilitation/recovery. I need to do this to get the strength back in his back but also to strengthen his stifle. He's also slowly but surely being introduced to wearing a bridle. While my mum choses not to walk him in a bridle I walk him in a bridle every other day. Then the day that he is not walked he goes out in the field. It has been doing him really good to have his turnout time but also to carry on being walked, he's learning some really good ground manners, is normally generally calm and quiet to be walked, and has even started to learn to be trotted in hand properly. 

All my videos of magic and I can be found on my youtube channel all you have to do is click HERE to go straight to my channel. There you will be able to see all the videos of work that Magic and I do, as well as the fun messing around that Magic and I do. The dogs are both great, Casper is calm and chilled out and well Diesel is a cheeky monkey that just loves lots of cuddles all the time, he's a very affectionate dog but at the same time I would say that he spends a lot of his time questioning whether he's in the right, so I'd say he can be quite insecure. 

I can't think what else to say and I'm feeling quite sore at the minute as went to the dentist earlier and had to have quite a strong amount of freezing and then 40 minutes work on 2 teeth, so I'm quite tired and achey, and it's safe to say I did not enjoy the experience. So on that note I'm going to head off and I will be back on tomorrow :). 

Until Tomorrow 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel. 

8. New year, new start?

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Every year it gets to the new year and people go it's a 'fresh start' or it's a 'new me' however personally I don't always think this is true, so that's why this year I haven't said that all I have said it's time to improve myself. Last year and to be honest the year before have not been good years for me, but I'm not going to let that hold me back anymore! 

So on to my news, Magic is doing really well. He actually managed to go out in the field for a small amount of time today, still not with others, but he was out in a field being a normal horse. The vets came to see him on friday and said that he's looking great! They were really happy with his progress, he's now completely off all of his medication and while he's really to be on minimal turnout for at least the next two weeks it's a step in the right direction. We've got to do lots of walking in hand, lots of just in hand things bascially. He's now also been bridled and for the past week has walked out in hand with a bridle on and he has taken to it really well. He's been such a good boy and tomorrow i'll be able to check on him while i'm not there, this is due to the fact that he'll be having my present put up in his stable. I've got a web cam type camera to put up in his stable that allows me to be able to check on him while i'm not there. He'll be walked in hand more, he'll go over the poles more, soon I will start to give him proper turnout and slowly increase the amount of time that he's allowed to be turned out for. Then once he has been turned out he will have to come in for half an hour or so while the others are out, so he stays used to the fact that he can come in while the others are still out, then I'll pop him back out again, I think this will do him lots of good. 

So on to my news, I'm hopefully going to be moving and starting a new job soon, it's quite a long story as to how the opportunity came about, but I have been offered a job by a lovely lady as a live in groom, i'll get paid my wages and then i'll have livery for two horses, my accommodation and bills paid for and I just need to buy my food, as well as plenty of room for my two dogs to run around! The place that I am moving to will have 42 stables and is roughly 43 acres, Jack has also been offered a job for maintenance. So we will both be working, and I'll also get to be around my horse more. As long as all goes to plan we will be moving around the end of march. 

Anyway I'm feeling quite sleepy now and I am having quite a rough time with my stomach, so for now I'm off to get some sleep and chill out. Until Next Time. 
Amber, Magic, Casper and Diesel.